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05 Dec 2022

Are you trapped in an unwanted timeshare? Not sure where to turn? Square One Development Group’s team of timeshare specialists are here to help!

About Square One Development Group Inc.

Square One Group has been proudly offering expert exit management services and timeshare help since 2018.  But the St. Louis, MO team of timeshare specialists have been providing their clients with property solutions since 2005.  Now, with their focus set on exit management, Square One’s timeshare specialists are working diligently to relieve their clients of unwanted timeshare properties.

All property solutions, exit management and client services facilitated by Square One Development Group are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  The timeshare specialists are confident that they can release you from your unwanted timeshare. Square One Group’s solutions are safe, legitimate, legal and permanent.  When you team up with their timeshare specialists, you can be confident that your unwanted timeshare will soon be a headache of the past! 

Timeshare Exit Management Process

Exiting a timeshare can seem like a daunting task.  Without the help of an expert, the process is overwhelming and may even seem impossible.  That’s why Square One Development Group is dedicated to assisting their clients through the timeshare exit management process.

It all starts with a free consultation.  At this stage, prospective clients share their timeshare story and experience with a member of Square One Group.  With all providing information in mind, the timeshare specialists immediately get the ball rolling. Working directly with their clients, Square One Group devises an exit management strategy plan.  At this stage (known as exit preparation), the team assesses all factors at play. This part of the process is hands on for everyone involved, as clients must provide Square One will all necessary documentation.  From there, the team dives in to represent you throughout your unique situation.

On average, the exit management process can be expected to take between three and six months.  However, exact timelines may vary depending on circumstances and strategies..

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