So, you’ve purchased a timeshare.  But after realizing the reality of the property’s maintenance fees and increased costs, you want out! Square One Development Group Inc. answers the common question: can I sell my timeshare?

The short answer is no.  

The long answer is:  Getting rid of a timeshare is not as simple as timeshare companies and vacation-ownership companies may lead you to believe.  Releasing yourself — and your finances! — from an unwanted timeshare is not the same as selling a house or other property. The reality is, you don’t actually own the timeshare property to begin with.  Therefore, you can’t sell the timeshare to get out of its financial grip.

But don’t worry.  Not all hope is lost!  

Square One Development Group Inc. specializes in facilitating expert exit management services.  Their team of timeshare specialists know the in’s and out’s of getting out of those pesky contracts!  Using only legitimate strategies, Square One can help you get rid of your unwanted timeshare in as little as three months!