What is a Timeshare? Learn more about the in’s and out’s of timeshares from Square One Development Group’s timeshare specialists!

A timeshare, also known as a vacation ownership, is a resort/vacation property shared in fractional ownership with other buyers.  The “time” aspect of the equation comes into play because timeshare “owners” select an increment of time in which they can stay at the property.

While a timeshare may sound like a good idea to individuals embracing retirement and chasing vacations — it’s not.

In reality, when an individual purchases a timeshare, he/she does not actually own the property at all.  Instead, “owners” are paying premium membership rates to buy into an illusion. Essentially, a timeshare is a glorified private resort unit that isn’t nearly as honest as it may seem.  Thanks to hidden fees and suffocating cost increases, timeshares are should-be vacation opportunities that often turn into quite the headache! With the “purchase” of a timeshare, individuals enter contracts that aren’t as clear as they may seem.  These contracts often make leaving an unwanted timeshare behind difficult and almost impossible.

When enough is enough, knowing how to effectively exit a timeshare can be difficult.  That’s why timeshare specialists, like Square One Group, are prepared to fight for you and release you from your unwanted timeshare with their exit management strategies.